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Flood InsuranceFlood Insurance

Arizona may be known for being a dry, desert state, but you may still be at risk for floods from time to time. This is based upon where you are located in the state. If you are near any body of water, you may find yourself within a flood zone.

Flood insurance in Arizona is above and beyond your home insurance policy. This is because your home insurance doesn’t provide the needed coverage if you were to experience a flood.

When hundreds of gallons of water come rushing into your home, you want to have peace of mind knowing that you have the coverage to pay for the damages. Without the flood insurance policy, you would be responsible for making the repairs and replacements on your own, which could be enough to bankrupt you.

Floods can damage:

-    Building structures
-    Drywall
-    Carpet and flooring
-    Furnishings
-    Valuables

At AZCAL Insurance Services, we have agents who are dedicated to helping you determine what is needed for your home. Your address may be in a flood zone and it’s important to know about a flood risk. There is likely a 30-day wait before policies become active and so it’s a good idea to have the policy before there is any kind of flash flood in your area.

Many mortgage lenders will require that you have a flood insurance policy in Arizona if you are in a high risk area and there are affordable policies. We will work with you to show you how to get a policy you can rely on and ensure that it works within your budget. You need a good policy because homeowner’s insurance does not provide the protection that you need…and this is where many homeowner’s go wrong.

Explore more about flood insurance from AZCAL Insurance Services. One of our independent agents can answer your questions and obtain quotes so you can make some comparisons.