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Homeowners insurance is designed to provide financial assistance for the replacement of your belongings and the repair or replacement of your home in the event of a covered disaster. It also protects you in the event that someone gets hurt on your property because it pays for certain accidents up to a specific dollar amount.

Home Insurance Benefits

Does your homeowners insurance policy meet your needs?  Your insurance policy should provide an amount that will replace your belongings and repair or replace your house in the event of a covered catastrophe. 

Imagine going through a severe weather event without insurance. After the storm has passed, you walk outside to find significant damage to your home. Without an adequate homeowners policy, you would be forced to pay for 100 percent of the repairs out of your own pocket. If you have a homeowners policy, starting the repair process is as simple as calling your insurance agent at AZCAL Insurance and filling out a claim form. If the claim is approved, the insurance company should authorize and pay for the repairs to your home up to the policy limits, less your deductible.

Affordable Home Insurance Policies From AZCAL Insurance

Whether you’ve paid off your home or still have a mortgage, our independent insurance agent can help you. Whether you are in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada or other states, we are able to service you. Your insurance agent at AZCAL Insurance can find policies from many different insurance companies and help you compare the policies so that you can find the homeowners insurance that is right for you and your family and your budget.

To get started, simply fill out our quick quote form or give us a call. We would be happy to speak to you about your insurance needs and help you find a policy that makes you feel secure without straining your finances. Our agent will even review the specifics of each policy to ensure that you thoroughly understand each home insurance policy before making a purchase.