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Stay protected while on the road! AZCAL Insurance Services provides coverage that protects your business’ cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

Business Auto Insurance Throughout Arizona

Whether you have one vehicle or a whole fleet, we can help you implement custom coverage that will protect your business and personal assets from the additional exposure that commercial vehicles bring with them.

A vehicle collision is never good news, but when it’s one of your business’ cars or trucks, the consequences are more complicated. Business auto insurance, also called commercial auto insurance, takes all the elements of normal auto coverage and adds on extra protection.

How Does Commercial Auto Insurance Differ From Regular Car Insurance? 

When obtaining commercial car insurance you can usually get much higher liability coverage to reflect the fact that a business typically has more assets at risk than an individual. Additionally, with commercial auto insurance, you can get collision insurance. This type of coverage pays out for damage to your commercial car or truck no matter who caused the collision–a protection that’s often a must if you lease or finance commercial vehicles.

Should you apply regular car insurance to a business vehicle? 

In short, the answer is “no”. This is for a couple of reasons: 

  • There are more assets at risk when an accident involves a commercial vehicle, which means the coverage needs to be higher. 
  • Commercial auto insurance allows a business owner to get collision insurance. As mentioned above, this allows a business owner to receive reimbursement for damages regardless of who was responsible for the accident.  

Don’t leave anything to chance! If your business includes commercial vehicles, then it is time to purchase business auto insurance. Contact us for a no-obligation proposal! 

Non-Owned Car Liability Coverage

It’s also worth considering employers, non-owned car liability coverage. Are you renting a car for your business? Or is your employee using his/her own vehicle to complete work? Employers non-owned car liability coverage is an add-on or a separate policy covering instances when your staff use their own personal cars or trucks as part of their work for your business. 

While often overlooked by business owners, this type of protection can help reduce the risk of messy legal complications. What if an employee is injured in the accident? Or what if their vehicle is totaled while on the clock? Non-owned car liability insurance would protect you in these types of situations.

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