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What Kind of Insurance Do You Need for an RV?

At first glance you might think covering a recreational vehicle (or RV) is just like getting ordinary auto insurance, but the freedom of the motorhome lifestyle brings a few extra potential headaches that require a specialized RV insurance policy.

What Is Covered Under RV Insurance?

The coverage you will get from an RV insurance policy will depend on the type of policy you choose. There are various degrees of coverage that you can select. RV insurance coverage ranges from liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage to additional insurance coverages that you can add on. These options might include: 

  • Roadside assistance 
  • Towing & labor
  • Vacation liability 
  • Windshield replacement 
  • Replacement cost 
  • Scheduled personal property 

While these add-ons are optional, they are often essential coverages for RV owners.  

For example, windshield coverage is a must in a camper, given both the significant costs of fitting such a large sheet of glass and the fact that you’ll often need a replacement from a specialized supplier.

Additionally, RV insurance can include enhanced coverage for your personal possessions, meaning you can relax when taking those extra creature comforts and gadgets on a motorhome trip.

You should also make sure to look for a camper insurance policy that covers theft as well as damage in a collision or fire.

It is also important to note that while most insurance has limits on individual items, RV insurance policies often include a specific allowance for awnings and gas bottles, both of which can be particularly expensive to replace.

Finally, when considering motorhome or RV insurance, it’s worth looking for policies that offer rental cars and/or accommodation if your camper is put out of action during a trip, removing that extra worry.

Does Insurance Cover Water Damage in RV?

Depending on where you drive your RV and how often you use it, you might want to consider a comprehensive RV insurance policy that includes water damage. While you can often get a policy that includes coverage for water damage, there will also be exclusions that are not covered. Examples of some exclusions are: 

  • Manufacturer defects
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Not maintained well over time 
  • Water leakage

You will definitely want to speak with an insurance agent to know the specifics of your RV insurance policy and the types of water damage it will cover. 

Is RV Insurance Mandatory?

Yes, an RV is like any other vehicle when it comes to insurance requirements. If you plan on driving your RV on the road, you will at least need to get minimum liability coverage. However different states will require various levels of coverage, so make sure you speak with an insurance provider to know exactly what kind of coverage you need. 

Is RV Insurance Cheaper Than Car Insurance?

The type and size of your RV will affect the cost of your insurance premiums, however, RV insurance tends to be less expensive than car insurance. That might surprise some, but insurance companies have determined there is less risk with driving an RV. Here are a few reasons why: 

  • RV owners are often older and more experienced drivers
  • Young or old, RV drivers typically use more caution when driving on the road 
  • RVs are not on the road as often as regular cars, which means that the overall risk of an accident is lower 

Even though an RV insurance policy might be cheaper than your auto insurance policy, you should speak with an insurance agent for expert advice regarding RV insurance coverage. 

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