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Providing Renters Insurance Throughout Arizona

When you rent or lease, your landlord’s insurance usually only protects the building itself—not your personal belongings. At AZCAL Insurance Services, we design renters coverage that protects your personal property and your lifestyle.

As a suburb of Phoenix, Scottsdale, AZ is becoming a popular place to rent. When you rent an apartment, your landlord will normally be responsible for the insurance necessary to protect against damage to the building itself, but it’s up to you to protect any of your possessions inside the building.

What is Covered by Renters Insurance? 

A basic renters insurance policy will cover damage to your possessions, liability, medical payments, and additional living expenses. It’s important to note that you may be able to get payment toward temporary accommodation if the rental property is uninhabitable after one of the events the renters insurance policy covers. The amount covered in each case is dependent on your coverage limits. 

Renters insurance will cover damage or loss of personal items caused by: 

  • Theft
  • Vandalism 
  • Fire 
  • Smoke
  • Wind
  • And more 

Be sure to check your renters insurance coverage details–there will usually be both an overall limit on the payout and a maximum amount for any one renters insurance claim. At AZCAL Insurance Service, our team of advisors can help you determine how much coverage is appropriate for your personal situation. 

Some policies also include liability coverage that could payout if you accidentally damage the rental property itself or if somebody is injured while visiting you at your apartment.

What’s NOT usually covered by renters insurance? 

Even if you park a vehicle on the rental property itself, your car usually won’t be covered by renters insurance.

Are You Required to Purchase Renters Insurance? 

There are no Arizona laws that require you to purchase renters insurance. With that said, landlords will often require proof of insurance before signing the lease.  

Choosing the Renters Insurance That’s Right for You

The most affordable way to obtain renters insurance is to compare the rates of multiple companies. Sometimes the best option is not with the agency you already have an existing policy. With that said, companies will often offer a bundling discount if you do choose to add-on with an already existing policy (we can help you determine with this discount will actually save you money in the end). 

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If you rent an apartment or home, you need renters insurance. AZCAL Insurance Services is located in Scottsdale, AZ and has been serving clients throughout Arizona for over three decades. Additionally, we offer our services in three languages, English, Spanish, and Russian. 

It is our goal to ensure that each of our clients gets the protection that they need at the most affordable price. As an independent agency, we have great relationships with many well-known, reputable insurance agencies, providing you with the power of choice. If you are in the market and looking for a proposal, we’d be happy to walk you through the different options. Contact us!

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